CFC #ShowSomeLove

Be the face of change for Veteran's NOW - January 15, 2021! 

Are you in the military, an employee or civilian working for the Federal Government, or a retired Federal employee? If so, you can show your support for America’s veterans and active-duty military by designating Help Heal Veterans for your charitable contributions through CFC by entering ID #12251 as the charity code on your CFC Pledge Form. 

Check out the official CFC website to enroll OR the CFC Giving mobile app (available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store).

In this time of uncertainty and hardship, we are working with mental health and voluntary service teams in Veterans Hospitals and on Military Bases to get Heal Vets craft kits into the hands of those who are feeling isolated and alone find comfort in craft therapy amid tense times. Your donations help to provide therapy kits to veterans and active duty service personnel across the country and abroad. 

 "Some veterans who have lingering injuries tell us that being immersed in making something helps their pain management," says Keith Stuessi, MD, the organization's director, and a former U.S. Navy doctor. Participants also remark that crafting in groups at their clinics or home with family makes them feel less isolated and lonely. "It provides something to bond over," he adds.

 COVID-19 has restricted visitor visits to the Veterans Affairs hospitals and facilities. It is a challenge for veteran patients to be without their family during what is a very vulnerable time, all while trying to heal their wounds of war. Isolation can be difficult, as we all can relate to this year. Many older veterans rely on VA centers and veterans service organizations for social interaction, so the stay-at-home recommendations can be difficult for them to cope with their symptoms. These veterans need support.

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