Planned Giving

A Wall of Honor for caring donors. 

At Help Heal Veterans (HEAL VETS) headquarters in California, hundreds of patriotic HEAL VETS donors are enshrined forever on HEAL VETS “Wall of Honor.”

The Wall displays the names of donors who took one very simple step to change the lives of thousands of America’s wounded, sick and disabled service members and veterans: they left a bequest to HEAL VETS so they could continue supporting the therapeutic arts and crafts program. Their legacy will live on for years to come, in the lives of veterans who will receive a craft kit because of their thoughtful and generous contributions.

Muriel R. McMurtrey, a loyal donor to Help Heal Veterans since 1998, left a portion of her estate to HEAL VETS. She has been described as a person with an ear-to-ear smile, who delighted in meeting new people. “Her late husband was killed in WWII and with this loss, she has always had a soft spot in her heart for veterans,” said a good friend of Muriel. Her generous gift will continue helping other veterans in need.

Making a final bequest from your estate to the HEAL VETS therapeutic arts and crafts program is a great way to show our GIs and veterans that their sacrifices are appreciated. It also ensures that your name will be added to the HEAL VETS Wall of Honor, alongside the many other generous donors who have done the same.

It is easy to add a bequest to your will, but we do recommend you consult first with a reputable attorney.

As you may know, without a will, the court may have to decide how to disburse your estate. Most financial planners believe that a will is key to making sure your estate is quickly and correctly settled according to your wishes.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Probably the most well-known estate-planning tool is the last will and testament.

Whether standing alone or as part of a multifaceted estate plan, a will is a convenient and often simple and straightforward way to distribute assets to those you love. It is also a powerful way to help veterans.

There’s no time like the present to plan for the future.

Planning and preparing your will.

You can structure your will to make Help Heal Veterans the beneficiary of a specific dollar amount or property, of a percentage of your estate, or of your residuary estate, which is what remains after all specific bequests and expenses are accounted for.

To name Help Heal Veterans in your will, all you generally need is the following information:

Full legal name: Help Heal Veterans, Inc.

Physical mailing address: 36585 Penfield Lane, Winchester CA 92596

Federal tax identification number: 95-2706737

In addition, the following language can generally be used to make a bequest:

“I give, devise, and bequeath to Help Heal Veterans, Inc., federal tax identification number 95-2706737, residing at 36585 Penfield Lane, Winchester CA 92596, the sum of $ [amount] (or describe the real or personal property or percentage of your estate to be used for its general purposes).”

Rest assured, you can change your will at any time, at your own discretion.

Note: Help Heal Veterans strongly encourages the consultation with a professional legal advisor when preparing a will. The preceding should not be used as legal advice.

Once you have designated Help Heal Veterans in your will, please let us know. We would like to add your name to the Wall of Honor at our National Headquarters. Please contact Ms. Wende Caha at (951) 926-4500 to be included in this great program or for additional information.