FAQs: How We Heal

Here are some frequently asked questions on how the Help Heal Veterans therapeutic craft kits heal and affect veterans. For questions about our organization, please click here.

  • How do craft kits help veterans?

    HEAL VETS arts and craft kits benefit veterans in several ways. They aid in rehabilitation, designed to restore coordination and impaired motor skills, improve attention spans and concentration, and relieve symptoms of depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions. 

  • How much do the kits cost veterans?

    Absolutely nothing. The kits are provided FREE to all U.S. veterans and active-duty military servicemen and women. 

  • Has there been a study to prove arts and crafts really do provide therapeutic healing?

    Yes. See below for highlights, or click here for the full study.

    To verity if its programs were truly effective and to promote better understanding for its supporters and veteran patients alike, HEAL VETS developed a performance measurement study. 

    Conducted by Health Care Data, Inc., the study measured the HEAL VETS program at 13 VA hospitals and state veterans nursing homes over a 3-year period. It clearly showed a therapeutic value of the HEAL VETS arts and crafts program. 

    This allowed HEAL VETS to quantify its craft kit program performance with measures of patient health outcome, satisfaction and effectiveness. 

    The veteran patients who received the HEAL VETS craft kits were overwhelmingly satisfied with a positive response rate of 98.6 percent. An overwhelming 89.6 percent of the patients felt that HEAL VETS craft therapy helped maintain or improve their physical capabilities. 

    This study also revealed that the HEAL VETS program helps patients in functional improvement, both physically and mentally. Comments made by patients reinforced that data. 

    Veterans not only appreciate HEAL VETS, but also willingly thank the donors who make the program possible. In fact, 96.8 percent of patients wrote notes of appreciation to the donors directly, by completing the "thank you" postcards attached to each craft kit. Often, these postcards are the avenue through which pen-pal relationships form between donors and the veterans who receive kits. 

  • Are certain craft kits therapeutic for specific health issues?

    Leather kits often help a veteran regain manual dexterity due to the intricate stringing together required for many kits, such as moccasins and wallets. Painting kits have been shown to relax minds scarred by PTSD, while cars, trucks and other model kits have proven to help veterans with traumatic brain injury (TBI). 

  • How many kits do you provide?

    We currently provide more than one million kits every year. Since 1971, we’ve provided nearly 30 million kits.