Help Heal Veterans Supports Veterans and Military Personnel Through COVID-19 Pandemic 

Help Heal Veterans' focus has been placed on the preparation and implementation to support a very vulnerable population during the COVID-19 pandemic. Heal Vets has made a concerted effort with Veterans Affairs to help support healing via Telehealth to our veterans in need.

 Last week Heal Vets sent two pallets of Therapeutic Craft Kits to VA centers that can be used in the Telehealth efforts, in addition to increasing therapy kit production for those military/veteran personnel in quarantine. We want to recognize and thank our donors and partners for their support. Thanks to them for nearly 50 years Heal Vets has distributed Therapeutic Arts and Crafts at no charge to veterans, join us in supporting our isolated and sick veterans in their greatest time of need. 

Telehealth, through the VA, uses technologies to provide mobility and enhanced access to care. Telehealth connects you with your VA care teams and specialists, no matter the distance. During the pandemic is imperative to help veterans in rural or shut-in locations and provides them access to work with a therapist in a VA system remotely. Heal Vets Therapeutic Craft Kit Study reports that 93% of the craft kit users with a history of PTSD depression anxiety said that they felt 70% better after crafting. 

 Heal Vets craft kits are used as diversions and recreational therapy for patients. In addition to aiding in restoring coordination and impaired motor skills, improving concentration, or relieving symptoms of depression and PTSD, our goal is to give our veterans what they need to heal during this time of dire need.

Alone Together Through Coronavirus 

HHV's production department is working tirelessly to fulfill the demands flooding in from around the country for Therapeutic Craft Kits for quarantined veterans. In Orlando alone, we have received four times the amount of a typical order request from the VA center. 

Many of our nation's veterans are labeled high-risk are in lockdown with little contact from others (no visitors, no family allowed, no volunteers, and limited staff interaction). The coronavirus is overwhelming, but being alone in a pandemic crisis is terrifying.

From a medical center in Orlando, FL 

"Here is a new order from Orlando, and it's all on one order as requested. It's a lot of things because we have two Domiciliaries, a CLC, and an inpatient mental health unit all on lockdown with no visitors, due to COVID19. The Rec therapists need some things to help the patients out now. Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks so much! We truly value you."


From a medical center in the Mid-West

"Chrissy, can we get a shipment of as many paints by numbers and colored pencil booklets as you can spare and any other like craft items that would be simple for veterans to do in their rooms.  I think the future of these VA veterans will include a lot of quarantine regulations, unfortunately.  Which are now beginning to be implemented.  Anything poster art, word books.  Otherwise, we would take a well-rounded shipment."


Support a Veteran 

We can't do it alone, but by being willing to support a veteran for $10, we can continue to fulfill our mission at a rapid speed competing to keep up with the spread of the virus.  


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