Arise Veteran Foundation Wins Help Heal Veterans Partner of the Year 2018

Arise Veteran Foundation Wins Help Heal Veterans Partner of the Year 2018

Winchester, California (August 7, 2019)- Help Heal Veterans (Heal Vets), a non-profit dedicated to serving military veterans by supplying them with therapeutic craft kits, have chosen Arise Veteran Foundation as 2018 Partner of the Year. Also recognized alongside Arise Veteran Foundation is Southwest Airlines, as co-Partner of the Year recipients. 

Their combined contributions kept 80,000 pounds of materials upcycled and out of landfills. Therapeutic Crafts produced from Arise Veteran Foundation and Southwest Airline's donations using leather & foam from seats has created over 1.1 million dollars in retail value of kits and produced 37,805 kits to veterans in need.   

CEO of Help Heal Veterans, Joe McClain said, “These numbers could not be achievable without our gracious donors. We are thankful for Arise Veteran Foundation, because of them we can fulfill our mission of helping heal veteran’s year in and year out.” In 2018 Help Heal Veterans repurposed 320,000 pounds of materials by recycling and upcycling, creating 91,442 therapeutic kits over the last to help veterans heal, totaling $3,000,000 in retail value of new therapeutic kits. 

Thanks to the donations by partners, Help Heal Veterans can uphold an environmental policy that protects the environment through waste minimalization. Help Heal Veterans upcycles materials from donors that would otherwise contribute to landfill waste in the United States. Help Heal Veterans aspires to reshape the way manufacturers work to achieve significant and lasting improvement and social outcomes. 

Therapeutic craft kits produced by the donation of 6,094 plane seats, from over 42 planes, created 11 different types of kits: 

Billfolds, wallets, biker wallets, neck ID, checkbook covers, stadium seats and lumbar pillows turned into 31,577 kits with a retail value of $875,503.

Arise Veteran Foundation Chairman and President, Dr. Kendall Brune, FACHCA said, “Help Heal Veterans is the Strategic Partner we needed to achieve our nation-wide plan to serve veterans and their families.  We are excited, honored and look forward to enhancing our partnership with HHV!”

About Arise Veteran Foundation- Arise Veteran Foundation in Saint Louis Mo, ( Is working with homeless veterans and families to help to create new opportunities for employment, incubation housing, mental health and ageing programs.   With a strategic partnership with Southwest Airline Arise Veteran Foundation would work with local recyclers to hire veterans and recycled decommissioned planes and materials.   These plane donations will help to create long term jobs, help invest in our new programing incubating jobs and industry for Veterans and their families. 

Arise Veteran Foundation can have almost every part of an Airplane to be completely recycled and or repurposed by veterans and Veteran owned companies. We will even be able to make unique Art are furniture from the materials recycled.  These sculptures and furniture will become a job incubation program to get homeless veterans back to work and help them use art therapy for mental health treatment.   

About Help Heal Veterans- a nonprofit organization founded during the Vietnam War, supplies free arts-and-crafts kits to injured servicemen and women and U.S. veterans. The kits often become a part of the patient’s treatment plan, providing a creative outlet for stress and boredom and a way to rebuild confidence and self-esteem. Help Heal Veterans has distributed more than 29 million kits since 1971 from hundreds of craft categories.


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