Arts & Crafts Ease PTSD In Veterans- KLOVE

Arts & Crafts Ease PTSD In Veterans- KLOVE

Every day more than 20 U.S. veterans take their own lives, driven by painful wounds that are mostly invisible. Untreated PTSD [Post Traumatic Stress Disorder] corrodes bodies and minds and traps many soldiers in an unending nightmare of anger and anxiety. Healing from this mental anguish is possible -- but must begin with working through the ‘moral injury’ of combat. 

“This is not something that is typically dealt with in clinical settings,’ says Ryan Rogers of PTSD Foundation of America. The training that transforms a recruit into a good solider – which includes the necessary mandate to kill –nearly always conflicts with their sense of right and wrong. “A lot of these individuals that are exposed to combat get to see the depravity of man firsthand – and that really challenges their inner core belief systems they thought they had nailed down…and now everything is in disarray.” Over years of assisting veterans suffering PTSD, Rogers has seen many successfully overcome mental struggle when they trace the root of debilitating guilt, connect to a refreshing spirituality and begin to embrace new mission and purpose for their civilian life. 

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