Giving Thanks to Those Who Helped the Most!

Giving Thanks to Those Who Helped the Most!

Help Heal Veterans arts and crafts have helped veterans cope with debilitating injuries over the past century. Craft therapy aids veterans healing both mentally and physically with Help Heal Veteran's certified clinicians. The clinicians work one on one with the veterans to create a craft kit regimen based on the individual's medical needs. 

Help Heal Veteran's craft kits are unique because they improve veteran's health in many aspects ranging from improving motor skills, dexterity, stress reduction, eases symptoms of PTSD and TBI, but also provides a life-long support system for the transitioning veteran. 

For one HHV army veteran, Brittany, the craft kits helped her reintegrate into the community. Hesitant at first, she recalls, it took almost five months, and six invites from fellow female veterans before she finally decided to take an interest in what Help Heal Veterans was all about. "I decided to go because of a fellow female veteran's encouragement." She attended the PTSD "Lady Bunker" class, which is a time designated for female veterans only. She was welcomed by Heal Veterans Craft Care Specialist, Amanda Eddy, to join the group of women putting together HHV therapeutic craft kits. Before Brittany's first visit to HHV, she was battling PTSD symptoms post a one-year tour, and four-year active duty service MST and a recent abusive relationship. To say she was struggling socially due to her circumstances is an understatement, she says, "the only outside contact I had were acquaintances I worked with at church and the kids I taught in Sunday school."

Since being introduced to the benefits of craft therapy, Brittany has gained self-esteem, independence, and a better sense of productivity within her community. HHV has helped her, "develop a creative side, and make a few new friends along the way." In her craft kit group working alongside fellow vets with a craft care specialist it provided the opportunity to start "chitchat." After she developed a camaraderiewith the group, she even began to bring her children to the craft kits assembling sessions, which made for perfect bonding time. Brittany says HHV and the craft kits have helped in tremendous ways, "I know without a doubt Amanda will always be there for 'her vets' as she likes to call the group." There has not been a single day where Brittany was stressed, and Amanda did not address it by selecting a craft kit that best suited her in her time of need. Brittany could not express her thanks enough. She says, "I am very grateful for Help Heal Veterans and the kits, thank you!"



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