Meet Craft Care Specialist Melinda Paschall

Meet Craft Care Specialist Melinda Paschall

Melinda Paschall is one of Help Heal Veterans’ newest Craft Care Specialists, who began working at the Buffalo, New York location in April 2017. She has an Associate’s Degree in Visual Arts and worked as freelance visual merchandiser for several years. Melinda has experience working with diverse groups of veterans from all branches of service, and has many close family members who served our country.

The veterans she works with in the Buffalo area look forward on receiving Heal Vets Craft Kits. “It’s humbling for me,” says Paschall. “I am serving these proud veterans therapeutic Arts and Crafts Kits that they enjoy.  I’ve been with Help Heal Veterans just a few months and already I have veterans come to me and ask ‘when are you getting more models in’ or ‘when will you be back?’ To me, that speaks for itself. The eager anticipation is amazing; knowing that something our organization is doing is bringing so much joy to the proud men and women that served our country.”

Even the volunteers can see the difference that Heal Vets Craft Kits are making in the lives of these veterans.  When we asked one volunteer what the best part was, he replied, “The one thing I notice when we distribute is the gratitude the veterans have when accepting the donated Arts and Crafts Kits. Experiencing the appreciation is priceless.”

And each veteran seems to have his or her favorite kit, depending on where we are servicing. The veterans at Vietnam Veterans Post 77 regularly request wooden sculptures, while One Stop Veterans Center veterans enjoy the mechanical aspect of the Lock ‘n Load Pen Kits. One particular Desert Storm veteran requests kits he can do with his daughter.

“The gratitude and kind words I receive on a daily basis is quite rewarding,” Melinda said.  “The challenges are worth conquering.  We work hard to get the name Help Heal Veterans out there, and to distribute as many therapeutic Arts and Crafts Kits as needed.  Help Heal Veterans has been a well-respected organization for 46 years and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Some of Melinda’s personal interests include visual arts and spending time with her 11 year-old son. She describes her self as a dedicated person who always strives to be the best she can be.


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